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Use the tools below to help you prevent injury, map a route, find out your pace and/or check you caloric usage for a workout.  More tools will be added as they're created.  If you have a suggestion for a new tool or resource, let us know.

Training Resources

Olympic Triathlon Training.  Expert triathlon training services designed to help you systematically increase physical performance & achieve your triathlon goals.

Runango.  An online community of runners, from the casual jogger to the hard-core ultra-marathoner.  If you're looking to share your thoughts on qualifying for Boston (or finishing Badwater), find out about the latest in shoes or just shoot the breeze on topics far and wide, Runango is the place to be.


Get The Stick.  Ask anyone who's used one what they think and more than likely they'll give a ringing endorsement.  The Stick is a revolutionary tool that allows athletes of all kinds to experience rejuvenation before, during or after their workouts by helping to prevent injury and relieve muscle pain.  Get The Stick and feel what you've been missing!


Route Mapper.  Route Mapper allows you trace a route on a map to determine its distance in either miles or kilometers.  If you enter the time it took you to complete the route, you can also compute your pace and estimated caloric usage*.

Pace Maker.  Pace Maker provides the same functionality as Route Mapper, but there's no map.  Enter the distance, duration and your weight and it will calculate your pace and estimated caloric usage*.

*NOTE:  The formula used to calculate caloric usage is an estimate and the result should not be used as part of a strict calorie counting regimen.


MelonMelon is a personal information manager of a different sort.  Keep track of the bits and pieces you reference throughout the day while at your computer and never again forget where you put them!  Melon also serves as a task scheduler, providing you with a gentle alert when a deadline is approaching.

Download your evaluation copy of Melon now! (4.63 MB)

This contains the full functionality of Melon and will allow you to enter up to 10 notes and/or tasks.  In order to continue using Melon once that threshold has been met, you'll need to purchase a license (US$14.95).

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