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The following FAQs and their answers should answer most questions you might have about iTriTracker.  Should you need additional assistance, check the online help file or, if you still don't have an answer, contact us with your question.

What kind of events can I capture with iTriTracker?

In addition to the three events associated with the triathlon (swimming, biking and running) as we

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Can I plan a workout schedule in advance?

Yes.  Prior to a training cycle, you can define your workouts and, after they’ve been completed, you can convert them by simply adding the time it took you to complete the workout (additional optional information can be added as well, but only the time is required).  Future events are referred to as Planned Events in iTriTracker.

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What’s an Event Class?

There are five event classes in iTriTracker:  running, biking, swimming, multisport and other.  Each class can be associated with event types (e.g., workouts such as tempo runs, century rides or laps in the pool).  When you create a multisport event, each lap is made up of different sports (e.g., the swim, bike and run legs of a triathlon).  Event classes defined as "Other" do not require that a time be entered when defining the event.

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What are the required elements when defining an event?

When you define an event, you must define the following:

  • Event Date
  • Start Time
  • Duration
  • Type (e.g., tempo, laps, etc.)
  • Course
  • Distance

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What are the optional elements when defining an event?

When you define an event, the following are optional:

  • Gear
  • Weather Conditions
  • Vital Metrics (e.g., HR, weight)
  • Lap Information
  • Notes


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How can I log the transition times between different legs of a multisport event?

When defining multisport events (e.g., triathlon, duathlon, etc.), each leg is defined as a separate lap.  You can also include the time it took you to transition from one activity to the next by creating a lap whose event type is defined as Transition.  This will allow you to more accurately track the duration of an event (vs. adding the time it took to complete each of the activities).

The Transition event type is ONLY available when defining a multisport event.

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Are the required fields the same as for planned events?

Yes, when defining a planned event you must define the date, start time, type, course and distance.  There are no optional elements when defining a planned event.

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What about when I convert a planned event?  What’s required then?

When converting a planned event, the only thing left to enter is the duration, although any of the previously defined information can be changed (in addition to defining any of the optional elements).

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Can I set up the events so that my Sunday long run is the last run of the week when determining weekly mileage?

You’re able to specify whether you want your weeks to start on Sunday OR on any other day of the week in order to better fit your needs.  With this in mind, you’re able to end your week on a Sunday, thereby using your Sunday long run as your end-of-week run.  This is done via Data Management (found on the Tools menu).

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Is there a way to display only my runs?  Or bike rides?

With iTriTracker, you're able to see all the events you've added or just a subset of them by applying a filter against the event class.  This can be accomplished via the Filter menu options.  See the Help file for additional information.

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Can I import data from other Forerunners (e.g., 205, 301, 305)?

Beginning with version 1.5, iTriTracker can import data from the Forerunner 201, 205, 301 and 305.  In order to be able to import this data, you'll need to be sure you use Training Center v.3.1.3 or later.  (While this hasn't been certified, importing data from the Edge 205/305 via a Training Center export should also work.)

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Can I import any other data?

In addition to importing data from the Forerunner series, you can also import export files from coolrunning.com, as well as text files that contain information in the appropriate layout.

Users can also import event data from an iTriTracker export file.

See iTriTracker's online help file for more information about importing from a text file.

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When I manually enter an event, the calorie count is different from what’s recorded on my Garmin Forerunner for the same time and distance.  Why is this?

The algorithm used by iTriTracker to calculate how many calories you’ve burned is based on the event duration and distance and is determined using an average, whereas the Forerunner is constantly calculating calories burned while you’re moving, theoretically providing a different number at the end of the event.

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I log most of my training runs and rides in miles, but a lot of road races are marked off in kilometers.  How do I enter 5k race times?  Do I need to convert them to miles before entering them?

In short, no.  When you first install iTriTracker, you should set your default scale (using either Metric or Imperial); this scale will be used when calculating your summary information (e.g., weekly distance totals, pace, etc.).  When an event is added, it will appear in the log using whatever distance was associated with it (e.g., your 5k or 10 miler or century ride, etc.).  When reviewing that event (as well as the summary information), the information will be converted to the default scale and displayed properly.

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Can I switch between using the Metric system and the Imperial measurement system?  (What is the Imperial measurement system, anyway?)

While it’s possible to switch between the two scales, it’s not recommended due to the possibility of your event information becoming skewed.  (As for the second part of this question, the imperial measurement system is the scale that uses miles, feet, yards, etc., as measuring units.)

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Can multiple people use a single instance of iTriTracker?

In a word, yes.  Multiple people can create profiles in iTriTracker and share information (such as event types, courses, gear, etc.).  However, you can only view event information belonging to a single user at a time.

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I'd like to buy a copy of iTriTracker, how much does it cost?

iTriTracker can be purchased for US$19.95.  We use PayPal as our payment processing partner in order to provide you with the knowledge that your purchase is conducted in a secure manner.  After downloading your copy of iTriTracker, click on the Buy Now button to purchase your license.

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When I try to enter the registration code, iTriTracker doesn't unlock.  What should I do?

Due to user permissions, some users experience an issue in how iTriTracker is registered.  If your registration code doesn't unlock the full functionality of iTriTracker, download the iTriTracker Registration Utility installation package (be sure that it's installed in the same location as iTriTracker).  Once installed, you should be able to register iTriTracker without any further issues.

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I've purchased iTriTracker, but don't see "Register" on the Help menu.  How do I go about registering my copy of iTriTracker?

In some cases, the Register menu may not appear until after the evaluation period has expired.  If you don't want to wait until then, you can download the iTriTracker Registration Utility installation package (be sure that it's installed in the same location as iTriTracker).  Once installed, you can then use it to register iTriTracker before the evaluation period expires.

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I've already bought iTriTracker, do I have to purchase it again now that it's been upgraded?

At this time, users who purchase one version of iTriTracker can upgrade for free.  This may change in the future, but for now, simply download the upgrade package and you're good to go!

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The font on iTriTracker doesn't look like the font on the graphics in the help file.  Is there something wrong with iTriTracker?

This is due to the differences between the screen resolution on your computer and the resolution on the computers used to develop iTriTracker.  iTriTracker was developed on computers with a screen resolution of 1280x1024 and whose font size was normal (96 dpi).  Users who have set their font size to Large (120 dpi) or a custom may experience a different font interface.  If for some reason your display/font settings are causing you problems, contact us and we can work with you to resolve the issue.

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Can it run on my computer?

While it's recommended that you use Windows XP or later, iTriTracker will run on Windows 98 SE, as well as Windows 2000.  iTriTracker was not tested on Windows 95 or Windows ME, but may work.  iTriTracker requires the minimum memory configuration recommended for your version of Windows.  As for screen resolution, 800x600 is the minimum resolution supported although 1280x1024 is recommended.  To install iTriTracker, a minimum of 6.6 MB is required.  Once installed, disk space usage will be dependent upon how many events you add.

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I have a question that's not answered here.  Where can I ask it?

If the answer to your question can't be found on this page or in the help file, please let us know.  You can either submit your question via our feedback page or Please be sure to include the version of iTriTracker you have installed (this can be found on via the Help|About page, which version of Windows you're using and what you're trying to do.

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